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WSi Solutions is proud to introduce its AVASOFT Controls Suite. AVASOFT provides interface platforms for connecting host WMS systems to Distribution Processing sub-systems.

Using the various suite modules AVASOFT enables seamless integration of various warehouse technology as well as on-site system monitoring and shipment accuracy auditing.

The AVASOFT Controls Suite Includes:
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SORTATION: Sortation System Interface for Routing/Assignment and Dock Management. The sortation module provides a control platform to sort and route cartons to various destinations through out the distribution system. Supported features include Host look up, direct sort from label data and sort conformation. The module also provides hardware set up screens for tracking and configuration. The sortation module can be installed with new systems, or retrofitted to existing systems.

CONTROLS RETROFIT: Retrofit an existing control system with an open architecture PLC-based control system. The Controls Retrofit module allows the utilization of any combination of product/software manufacturers within your existing system.

Controls 3AUTOMATED PICKING: Pick-to-Light and Carousel system interface platform. This module seamlessly integrates any pick-to-light or carousel system to the host WCS, ensuring that routing and picking instructions are relayed correctly.

LABELING: ASN in-motion carton labeling and tracking system. The Labeling module assigns the order details to a specific carton. This “license plate” enables greater efficiency in order processing as the specific carton is routed to its various picking destinations automatically.

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MONITORING: Custom HMI System with user screens tailored to match your process operation. This Module allows supervisors to monitor the system as it is in use. Employees can create and assign “waves” of order processing and routing as well as detect jams or malfunctions in the systems. A complex array of statistics is generated that allows management to evaluate system efficiency.

Controls 5AUDITING: Pick process auditing with in-motion carton weight check and order auditing user screens. The Auditing module assigns individual piece product weight to each specific order. The system then checks the actual weight of the carton against its theoretical weight to ensure proper contents in each carton. These audit procedures can greatly improve order accuracy while maintaining high throughput.


Without proper information and controls management, inefficiencies can be created that can greatly affect a companies profitability. WSi is prepared to meet all of your Warehouse Control System needs and turn your material handling system into an area of profitability for you company.

We leverage the expertise of our in-house Controls Engineering group as well as outstanding relationships with top WMS software manufactures to provide our customers with the best service in the industry. Controls 6

Regardless of manufacturer WSi can retrofit, replace or install controls technology to address your systems specific needs. Our engineers work hard to get your system functioning as quickly as possible and ensure its reliability by offering 24/7 remote troubleshooting and on demand system monitoring.

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